Registration for REE & RME Board Exam Review

Registration for REE & RME review is going on. For details, please contact :

  • Engr. Jun Raquinio – 050 5969237
  • Engr. Eunicee Orallo – 056 6582038
  • Engr. Ruel De la Cruz – 055 8284359
Theme 2014 “Continuously Enhancing Electrical Practitioners’ Competitiveness towards Global Excellence”


  1. says

    Hi Chris. Registration for RME review participants is still going on. The Committee on Exam Review have the complete details with regards to schedule and cost. Please contact Engr. Jun or Engr. Eunicee or Engr. Ruel for details. Thanks.

  2. James Castaneto says


    Good Day!

    Kindly please give me an information regarding the requirements and review details of our REE exam.



  3. says

    Hi James. Requirements in taking REE exam is similar to the requirements ask while taking REE exam in the Philippines, you will be guided by Our Committee for that. For review, registration is still going on. Cost reference you may refer to the approximate calculation earlier posted. With the recently conducted 1st day of review, we have initially 9 attendees for both REE & RME and others confirmed to join the next scheduled review. In order to have fund for the expenses the committe is asking down payment as follows : REE review – AED500 / RME review – AED300. Please call our coordinators and committee for more details. Thanks.

  4. says

    Hi. Below are the requirements in taking RME Board Examanination :
    1. Birth Certificate from NSO
    2. Passport and Visa page copy
    3. Employment Certificate signified by PEE
    4. Transcript of Records or Diploma (for HS graduates)
    Apart from submitting the above documents along with application forms, it is mandatory to be a member of IIEE UAE Chapter. The reason is that all electrical board exam applications will be processed to PRC through IIEE/Filipino Professional Group only.
    For item no. 3, our PEE from BOD will help you to get it signed. If you are interested, we encourage you to participate in the on-going review. Kindly coordinate with concerned committe for details. Thanks and regards.

  5. says

    Hi Arland. Are you asking for the RME review? Review is conducted every friday from 8:30am onwards. September is the last month of review classes. You may contact our committee members if you need more assistance. Thanks.

  6. Ferdinand Cruz says

    Do you have upcoming reviews for this october and when and where is the upcoming RME exams will be help..pls help because i want to be apart of it..More thanks and power.

  7. ferdinand cruz says

    hi,,good day…pls, give us the details where and when the examination will be held…and pls do inform us if you have still upcoming revies this october..Thanks and more power..

  8. says

    The examination will be held on 21st Century School on 24,25 & 26 of October 2012. I think it too late for you to catch up the examination, you may take the exam next year.

    There is a general assembly this coming 19 of October at City Seasons Hotel in Abu Dhabi.

  9. jay says

    good day… sir REX,, can I asking something for RME… if possible to take exam .. HS graduet with 2 short course,,,industrial electrician and building electrician in meralco foundation

  10. says

    Good morning sir.

    I’m Marwin Palmes sir.Electrical Engineering graduate in the Philippines.
    I’m new here at Dubai..I’m just asking sir, if:

    1. When is the next REE BOARD EXAM here in Dubai?
    2. What are the requirements for taking board exam?
    3. Where is the place here in Dubai are we taking board exam??

    Please help me about this info..I’d like to take board exam here in Dubai too.

    Please email me regarding the information about REE Board Exam and IIEE-UAE chapter too.

    Thanks and regards..

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