IIEE UAE – PEE Bowling Cup

Who: All IIEE UAE Members, Friends and Family Members
What : IIEE UAE – PEE Bowling Cup, A Tribute to all PEEs of the Chapter
When : November 14, 2014, from 9am – 3pm
Where: Dubai International Bowling Center

Remarks :
1. This Family Fun Day will be considered as an area meeting for both Abu Dhabi & Dubai and N.E. Areas.
2. Interested members, please coordinate with your respective area coordinators.
3. Please organize your own team and submit your entry ASAP.
3. AED75.00 registration fee (each player)

Mechanics of the Game:
1. Any member can join the tournament. Immediate family members may join the team.
2. Each team shall be composed of 5 players
3. A blind score of 75 shall be given to any team in case a member of team could not finish the game due to injury
4. A team with only 3 players is considered as “not legal” and will not be allowed to play.
5. A player should only play in 1 team. If a bowler is found playing in more than one team, the team(s) he/she participated in will be immediately disqualified.
6. In the event of disputes or any complaints the decision taken by the tournament committee
7. Late-comers are still allowed to play provided (5) pin falls will be credited for the missed frames up to 3rd frame only. If the player arrives after 3rd frame he/she will not be allowed to play and blind score will be applied.
8. The tournament will be using single lane per team
9. TEAM UNIFORM IS A MUST. 10 points each game will be deducted from the player not wearing the
team uniform. IIEE T-Shirts can be considered as team uniform provided that same color is used.
10. Each team shall play a series of 3 games and the top 3 teams after 3 games shall be announced as winners.
11. Team Awards:
Champion – 5 Trophies (trophy / team member)
1st Runner Up – 5 Trophies (trophy / team member)
2nd Runner Up – 5 Trophies (trophy / team member)
12. Individual Awards:
High Game Series (3 games) – Top 5 players shall receive a trophy
High Game – Top 5 players shall receive a trophy
13. An individual winner shall receive only one award (either high game series or high game). In the event that same player is candidate of 2 or all of the above awards he/she will receive the highest award and next in line will receive the other.

11th BOD Meeting

WHO : IIEE-UAE BODs, Area Representatives, Former Presidents and BOD 2015 Elect WHAT : 11th BOD Meeting WHEN : 30 October 2014, 8:00pm onwards WHERE : Carlusius (opposite of Yakun), IBN Batuta Mall, Dubai, UAE … [Continue reading]